No major changes to the front of the house this year, the only additions to the rear outside display were my Well prop from the Ring and the animated Mausoleum Doors.

The one major element missing from our party was our dear friend Mike.

Maximus_Lucilla1.JPG (34866 bytes) witchy_whitey.JPG (40544 bytes) zoo-girl_ape.JPG (22023 bytes) Sister-Wife.JPG (45407 bytes) MXC.jpg (36665 bytes)
Lucilla and Maximus "Gladiator" Wicked Witch and Tighty Whitey Bronx Zoo Security and Gorilla Sister-Wife and Mullet Man "Don't Get Eliminated"- MXC


Samara.jpg (34927 bytes) card holder.jpg (42008 bytes) hng_corpse1.JPG (15121 bytes) revised gatekeeper_03.jpg (46830 bytes) Mausoleum Doors_03.jpg (34185 bytes)
Samara Card Holder Hanging 1/2 Corpse revised Gate Keeper Mausoleum Doors


trinity_agent-smith.JPG (32705 bytes) lucy_ricky.JPG (20036 bytes) Roy_Tiger.jpg (49479 bytes) hng_corpse2.JPG (25344 bytes) bonnie_clyde.JPG (27012 bytes)
Trinity and Agent Smith Lucy and Ricky Roy and his Tiger

(a bit blurry though)

Hanging Corpse Bonnie and Clyde


lucilla_max_stars.JPG (41880 bytes) girl_group1.JPG (39080 bytes) group1.JPG (28677 bytes) grim_witch.JPG (36314 bytes) roman_brain.JPG (33194 bytes)
Lucilla, Maximus and Failing Ninja Student      Grim Reaper and Witch2 Maximus Brainicus


Maximus_Clyde.jpg (38508 bytes) Bikers.jpg (58325 bytes) Biker_Chick.jpg (51851 bytes) No pain No Gain.jpg (37465 bytes) Front03.jpg (44384 bytes)
Maximus and Clyde Bad Ass Bikers Biker Chick No pain No gain Front Graveyard


Mauso03.jpg (36254 bytes) lucilla_maximus2.jpg (473484 bytes) wounded_roy.jpg (512487 bytes) Hefner's Elixir of Life.JPG (24264 bytes) Time for a trim.jpg (41344 bytes)
Mausoleum @ Night Maximus and Lucilla Wounded Roy and Tiger Hefner's elixir of life Time for a Trim?


maximus_decimus_meridius.jpg (358414 bytes) first cousins.jpg (526646 bytes) Grim_lucilla_ape1.jpg (37423 bytes) lab_set-up1.jpg (26113 bytes) Mr_Popularity.jpg (577103 bytes)
Maximus Decimus Meridius First Cousins Grim Reaper, Lucilla and Gorilla Boy  Lab set-up Mr. Popularity


Invitation 2003

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