This is the front of our house, the columns, gargoyles and front gates were added this year.

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Close-up shots of the custom made gargoyles and columns. More details noted in Props '97-'98 
This is my animatronic corpse, "Mr. Bosco" utilizing some of the techniques from the "How to build a corpse handbook" from DiStefano. I ran out of time to distress the clothing, but when viewed at night you don't notice and there was a strobe light built into the coffin base.  MR_BOSCO.jpg (384168 bytes)


I made Borg costumes for my wife and I, she was 7 of 9 and I was Locutus. The Borg head appliances are custom made from clay sculptures and cast with liquid latex. Most of the other parts are made from common items: knee pads, hair dryer diffuser, contact lens cases, old model parts, a flexible vent tube and some plastic tubing.  MR_MRS.jpg (266964 bytes) resistance_is_futile.jpg (347770 bytes) 7of9_b.jpg (249264 bytes) I included an alternating flashing red and green LED circuit in my arm appliance powered by a 3v lithium coin cell; a steady red LED also powered by a coin cell was attached to my head appliance. "7" had a blinking red LED in her eye piece and some more alternating red and green LEDs on her back.


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Private Ryan and the Operation Game

Brain was the dessert of the night

Hasta la vista Baby!

Drinking and brain surgery do not mix!


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"Pyscho Mom" was waiting in the shower complete with slightly soiled motel towels; as the bathroom door was closed a fishing line connected the the door caused "Mom" to lurch forward and a light activated relay circuit started a loop tape with the classic shower scene music. The wavy glass, coupled with dim lights obscured her until you were in and closed the door. What better place to have something scared out of you.

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Terrorist and Private Ryan 2 Deaths and Queen Bee Doctors Consultation 7of 9 and Gypsy Pirate and the Gypsy

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Invitation 98'

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