This year we did an Austin Powers theme; consisting of Dr. Evil, Mini-Me, Austin Powers , Paddy Obrien and a couple of groovy Go-Go girls

          Dr.Evil and Company         

   Dr. Evil's evil laugh    Dr.Evil's evil laugh                


fnt_01.JPG (63825 bytes) Pda_nt.JPG (65978 bytes) mauso_nt.JPG (32471 bytes) Enter if you dare Pay back is a bitch!
Front Graveyard Possessed Death Angel Mausoleum/FCG Gate Keeper Osama on the Rack


paddy_obrien.jpg (27537 bytes) Do I make you horny baby? Do I? gand_gal.JPG (63793 bytes) vamps.jpg (73270 bytes) headless_witch.jpg (63842 bytes)
"They're always after me lucky charms..." "Do I make you horny baby?" Gandalf and Galadriel Vamps Headless Horseman and Witch


nosfer_darth.jpg (72236 bytes) Ole! go-go_girls.jpg (70727 bytes) Arch Enemies powers_go-go.jpg (39234 bytes)
Nosferatu and Darth Vader Toro, Toro ,Toro Go-go girls Arch Enemies Shall we shag?


bio_haz.jpg (48099 bytes) evil_brain.jpg (42141 bytes) hat_mat.jpg (31040 bytes) chip_witch2.jpg (37191 bytes) snow_grump.jpg (36727 bytes)
BioHazard Evil Brains Haz-Mat Clean-up crew Chip & Dale and Witch2 Snow White and a very "Happy" Grumpy with a shave


invite_01.jpg (124150 bytes)
Invitation 2001

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