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"The Addams Family"

  This year my wife and I, along with some friends did a group theme costume of the Addams Family.

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Thing and Cousin Itt were there as well. Behind Itt is one of the twins, Baby What; Baby Who is elsewhere. Itt and Thing are both animatronic;

Thing was activated by a motion detector and Itt was hooked up to a remote controlled  relay from Radio Shack.

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 These are a couple of images of the front of our house /graveyards. The picture on the right is of my "Fresh Grave" in our backyard. The raven on the headstone is from Spencer's; it squawked and the green eyes flashed when motion was detected. At night, the yard was lighted by a couple of oil lamps and tiki torches. Refer to my page for more details.    

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Uncle Fester trying out "Old Sparky". The light bulb, cast in hot glue, had a contact switch that was activated by Fester's tongue. The electric chair was hooked up to a strobe light and a sound fx tape.

exorcist.jpg (414358 bytes)  The Exorcist        

"Exorcist Theme"

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Muk-muk, the angry drunken pygmy with a full pot  Wednesday and Pugsley Tish and Gomez Invitation 2000


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Wednesday playing nice with Pugsley

Trinity and Neo 

Lurch and Ophelia

Morticia and GrandMama


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