Props '00

This is my version of TSP's "Crypt Cooler" used to keep the grog cold; I added the papier-mâché skull relief from a Haunted Attraction Magazine article and an epitaph plate. Instead of the blacklight used by TSP, I opted to include a couple of containers with dry ice. So as the lid is opened, the fog bellows out.

crypt_cooler.jpg (342886 bytes)    crypt_cooler1.jpg (321786 bytes)


Some additions to the graveyard were an "Obelisk"; this was modeled after a gif image and made from scrap pieces of 2in regular styrofoam and the dense foam board. Overall dimensions are 37in x 10in square base. The various pieces are attached to each other with construction adhesive, Liquid Nails. Once dry I used a rasp to shape the top pyramid and angle the sides. I added some 1/2in plywood to the base for added weight so it would not blow away and baseboard molding was added for more detail. I added a papier-mâché skull relief and a piece of cheesecloth dipped in monster mud to form the drapery.

oblisk.jpg (214333 bytes)     oblisk1.jpg (177597 bytes)     oblisk2.jpg (373037 bytes)


and a "Rocking Tomb"; (Created from plans at ) The Tomb was connected to a motion detector that had an internal timing cycle of 20 seconds. When someone or something entered the field of view for the detector, the tomb would rock back and forth slowly as if being moved from beneath. My design is basically the same as the original with the addition of the papier-mâché skull relief.

rcktomb1.jpg (276204 bytes)     rock_tomb2.jpg (524518 bytes)


The "Forgotten Prisoner" was created for the entrance to the dungeon; he is animatronic and also activated by a motion detector. Once activated, the head (connected to a 6rpm motor mounted in the belly) slowly moves up and down. The chin is connected to the chest with a thin strong black thread and weak spring, so as the head is pulled back the mouth opens. A loop tape also plays a custom sound fx mix of moans, dripping water and rat squeals. The skeleton is a mixture of anatomy models, custom made ribcage and an ACC budget arm and leg. The wall shackle mounts are made from lion-head drawer pulls screwed to a 1/4in piece of plywood with some plaster "studs ", painted and highlighted for a rusted look. The actual shackles are made from the iron band from an old 1/2 barrel planter. They are a bit hard to cut but they are perfect as is, no aging necessary.

prisoner1.jpg (561168 bytes)     prisoner.jpg (406331 bytes)     forgotten.jpg (376582 bytes)    shackle.jpg (26806 bytes)


Below my full size, functional "Rack". I was fortunate enough to find a large crate that was being thrown out; the planks are rough sawn 1/2 in pine which adds to the effect and look of aged wood. The spindle is made from a couple of large cable spools joined together and 1-1/4in pvc pipe; the crank gear is a piece of 3/4 in pine cut to the shape of an old 10in table saw blade which had the perfect shape. The whole thing is modular and can be disassembled for storage. I had intended give a few victims...I mean guests a "stretch", but the night of the party was cold and extremely windy.

rack.jpg (482868 bytes)

This is a internal view of one of my animatronic "Thing" boxes. It consists of a hollow plastic hand glued to a plywood box and attached to a 360 degree rotating motor. I used different rpm motors for the two boxes, which were located in different places and had separate controls. The shoe box was used to conceal the hand in the closed position and the power cord.

thing2.jpg (60509 bytes) 

These are shots of our various Dungeons Doors, they are all made from rigid foam and scraps of wood. Refer to the page for our Dungeon Door Construction Guide available soon.

dung_entr1.jpg (31117 bytes) steel_door1.JPG (42538 bytes) wood_door1a.jpg (38777 bytes)
Dungeon Entrance

The panel is fitted over the basement door and employs a sliding view door

Steel Dungeon Door

Modeled after the prison door from the green mile. I made a rectangle opening instead of the round one from the film.

Wood Dungeon Door