A new addition to the front cemetery gates are a pair of lighted pillars constructed nearly identical to the existing pair that the gargoyles rest upon. The 2 distinct differences are that they are made entirely from 2" foam and the are adorned with a set of globe lights.
The globes are 6" round plastic globes from Home Depot sitting on the lighting fixtures. I added 4 strips of brass and one brass band around the center. They are attached to each other with 1/8" rivets and at the top a 1/4" bolt with threaded lamp finial.
  • The overall dimensions of each pillar is 14.5" by 14.5" by 42.5" high without the globes.
  • The center part measures 10" by 10" overall, but is actually constructed as an 10" by 6" shaft  with 2" thick by 2.5" wide pieces of foam glued on opposite sides. This creates the recessed areas.

  • The base is glued to the bottom of the center shaft after the recess frames are dry. The image to the right shows the profile dimensions of the base.
  • A couple of long strips are cut to the noted dimensions and fit around the bottom.
  • After the adhesive has dried I use a rasp to even out the adjacent surfaces to create a uniform appearance.
  • Four inch wide strips of 1/4" plywood are glued to the inside of each column on one side only. This is so the brackets for the fence panels can be secured properly.
  • Additional strips of wood may be glued to the inside for more weight if  required.
  • Each globe has a low wattage night light bulb inserted thru the top of the column and the bottom of the globe. This will provide  just enough illumination to draw attention to the graveyard without washing out the eeriness.
  • One of the lights  will be connected to a Flicker Box.

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Revised 10/14/03

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