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~ Custom-made pair (2) of gargoyles
~ Durable, reinforced latex
~ Fully assembled and provided with an aged stone finish
~Overall dimensions approx.: 17"wingspan, 11" deep by   13.5" tall, mounted to 8.5" square 1/2" plywood base
~The mouth is unobstructed, so fog can be pumped thru the body cavity and out the mouth if connected to a fog machine 
~Designed to accept a 3" wide flexible metal conduit 
note: (Columns and fog machine are not provided)
Item Description Price
#GARG01 As pictured with no LEDs $205
#GARG02 With opaque eyes and  steady red LEDs $220
#GARG03 Opaque eyes with "FADING" red LED circuit $250

To view a video of the Gargoyle with the Fading eyes and fog click here

The "FADING EYES" are a pair of bright red LEDs connected to a circuit that produces a continuous dim and brighten effect.

Versions with LEDs are provided with a 9V battery holder, On/Off switch and simple hook-up instructions. Battery not included.

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Please contact me prior to sending payment, as these items are Made-to-Order and construction time may vary. Thank you.

Revised 2/15/06