Version 2.0

~UPDATE 11/03~

As previously noted on my Gate Keeper page,  I intended to add some features to this static prop. This year the Gate Keeper was upgraded to include sound.

A DVR (digital voice recorder) module from Radio shack is activated using a motion detector and a microprocessor Basic Stamp. Basically using the same set up as fellow haunter Joe Stone's Jumper of  Wicked Beer Nut, but without the code for the flashing light and pneumatic cylinder. 

The motion detector is located in the right eye socket of the aged skull at the Gate Keeper's feet, this blends in with the pile of bones sprewn about.

A speaker is mounted in his belly and upon activation the Basic Stamp triggers the DVR; then it  waits 15 secs for the next victim. It's not intended for a real scare as much as a startle.

Gate Keeper V2.0

"I Can Smell Your Fear!"

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