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I found an old kerosene lamp in my mother-in-laws garage one day, and after reading a description of another home haunters "haunted lantern" project I decided to make one for myself.

The basic construction is near identical to the original plans found at:


The products from Haunt Master Products are top notch and highly reccomended.

At this time I do not have any plans to make this a floating lantern, but maybe in the future.

haunted_lantern.JPG (28364 bytes)

The one major difference is that I added 2 switches on the back side, one for the UV fading LEDs and one for the flicker light circuit.

 Further, instead of using a real glass etching solution I found a faux glass etching solution at a craft store, Gallery Glass Window Etch, etching medium by PLAID. You just paint or sponge it on and when dry, gives a nice opaque look.

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The other lantern I built this season is an LED based one using several flashing (2 yellow and 4 red) LEDS with one regular yellow LED in the center. 

The basic construction is similar to the one noted above, but since I used a smaller lantern I could only fit 2 AA batteries and holder in the base of the lantern.

I still need to distress the paint job so it looks older.

lantern2-a.JPG (14932 bytes)

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