Upon receiving a "bag of bones", I found an assorted number of Mr. Thrifty hands, foot and skull w/o a top. I decided to create a sconce with the spare parts.

1.    First I bought a pre-cut plaque from a crafts store and applied a coat of joint compound mixed with grey latex paint also know as "Monster Mud" coined by Terror Syndicate.

2.    After the application is dry, shade the recesses with a darker mixture of grey, black and dark green latex paint to give an aged appearance. Next apply a "dry-brush" highlight coat with a lighter color.

3.   Put the hands in a bath of hot water to soften the plastic and reshape the fingers so they appear to grip the plaque.

4.    Dip the hands in cold water to re-harden and keep the new shape, apply a coat of mahogany gel coat stain and remove the excess with a cloth.

5.    Once dry, arrange them around the foot and pre-drill a hole in each near the center of the plaque. Use 5/8in brad nails to secure the hands and foot to the plaque.

6.    Remove the screws and springs that hold the jaw closed. Drill a small hole at each jaw hinge thru to the skull and insert a piece of wire. Cut the wire flush with the jaw and apply a little hot glue to keep the wire in.

7.    Apply the gel coat to the skull and remove excess. Once dry, position the skull so it is on top of the foot. Pre-drill a hole in the back of the skull for a small wood screw to attach to the plaque.


7.    If using a real candle, add a metal cup or metal jar lid to the inside of the skull, large enough to hold the candle. Secure the lid with construction adhesive (Liquid Nails).

8.    If using an electric candle, drill a hole in the plaque behind the skull large enough for the wire to pass thru. I got an electric candle from an after Christmas sale for $.38 at CVS. Since this is a pre-wired candle with a plug and cord, you will need to cut the wire so it can pass thru the plaque and re-attach with wire nuts and electrical tape. Optionally, you can cut a hole large enough for the plug to fit as well. I removed the plastic base and secured the candle with a generous amount of hot glue.

9.    Drill a partial hole in the back of the plaque to mount and hang it where you like. Enjoy.