This is my first pneumatic prop but surely not the last. Its' constructed from a  "Death Studios Zombie Dog Puppet" and a standard PVC Ram Cylinder. Additional components include a digital playback unit and a fading light.  All the elements are activated by a sensor located a few feet in front of the Hell Hound.


As guests walk by, the Hell Hound is activated causing the head to spring out horizontally, as this happens a red lighting circuit is activated that lashes from below and a digital sound byte is played. 

Hell Hound wav    Hellhound

This diagram shows the basic mechanics of the device

Starting position Extended position


All the elements will be contained within a truly horrific structure.... a Little Tykes Country Cottage Playhouse. The entire prop and air tank will be inside the house. 

The house will be turned around and the head will pop out from the back side, not shown. There is one window in the center and it will be covered by 2 ragged pieces of burlap.  To conceal the bright colors, the exterior of the house will be covered by tattered burlap,  real ivy vines and Spanish moss. I will turn it into an old Pet Cemetery Mausoleum. 

 Since the interior of my garage will be used for the Mausoleum and FCG, I can't use it for storage to clear the yard of all my 3yr old twin girls things, so why not utilize it to my advantage.

This picture shows the Hell Hound enclosure complete with Dorp, burlap and black plastic to cover all signs of it's alternate use as shown above. This is the side of the house, the red light is on the bottom left and the 9gal air tank is covered with black plastic to the bottom right.
Unfortunately, the night of the party the seal for the pvc ram proved too leaky and the tank ran out of air before it was able to scare any of my guests. I will be reworking the seal using a method developed by my fellow Haunter at Vile Things. This consists of a pvc connector that is just smaller than the main cylinder with 2 o-rings in integral grooves



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