I decided to upgrade the hands for my FCG . My original used the hands as described in Doug Fergurson's classic design. At the time they were quick easy and cheap. 
My new design is also cheap, relatively easy and very light weight which is an essential element for the FCG operation.
  • On a 1" piece of foam, draw the basic outline of a palm and a portion of the forearm
  • Use a Dremel with a router attachment to carve the outline
  • Then using a hobby file set, shape and sand the palm bones and forearm 

fcg_arm.JPG (12604 bytes)

  • Each set of fingers are composed of a total of 13 bio-degradable packing material "peanuts".
  • Each digit employs 2-3 peanuts
  • Compress areas to form the appearance of knuckle joints, then moisten the ends of 2 pieces to be joined. The benefit of using these type of peanuts is that when moistened they will stick to each other as they dry. (Alternatively you can just use a dab of white latex caulking)
  • A stiff wire is used to ream a hole thru each segment and a piece of small sculpting wire is inserted. Leave 2-3 inches at the base of each finger to attach them to the palm/forearm construct.

fcg_hands2.JPG (16557 bytes)

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