I first saw a "Haunted Fountain" at Terror Syndicate's  site for their 2000 haunt, and I decided to try my hand at it.

My fountain consists of a "Mr. Thrifty" skull cut on an angle using a hack saw and the lower jaw removed. A couple of protrusions are added to the crest of the head.

dw_skull.JPG (21286 bytes)

I sculpted a pair of wings using Sculpty clay and baked it according to the directions. Once cooled, the wings were lightly sanded to smooth any uneven areas.

dw_wings.JPG (18053 bytes)

The reservoir is a 1/2 Wall mount planter from Home Depot. This will hold and conceal the small pond pump. The pump will be connected to tubing that exits thru the mouth of the Thrifty skull half.

dark_waters3.JPG (17279 bytes)

The back of the fountain is modeled after a "Gothic Cathedral Window" from Design Toscono. It's formed from 2 pieces of 1" foam; the top layer was carved with a Dremel with a router attachment and then glued to the rear layer with Liquid Nails. The edges are rounded off with medium grit sand paper.

Prod_14703_Lg.jpg (27685 bytes)

dark_water4.JPG (11594 bytes)

In addition to the pump, the reservoir will hold a Mist Maker  ultrasonic mist fogger from Mainland Mart.com. Flowing water will be accompanied with fog. High output ultrasonic water fogger

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