I modified plans from http://www.griplipproductions.homestead.com/skullight5.html to create a wall sconce using a clear skull and 1 left arm from ACC


  • Pine plaque 8in x 13in x 3/4in thick
  • Monster Mud
  • (1) 1-1/4in , (1) 3in dry wall screw
  • Grey, black, dark green and white latex paint
  • 1in wide brush
  • (2) #6 x 3/4in screws
  • Walnut Minwax gel stain 8oz. can
  • Hot glue gun
  • Electric drill/screwdriver
  • 5/64, 7/64 Drill bits
  • 7W (C7) red light bulb and cord set
  • 5 minute epoxy
  • Small needle-nose pliers
  • Position the skull to sit on the wrist and pre-drill two holes in the back of the bottom half of the skull and into the top of the arm with a 5/64 drill bit.
  • Attach the skull to the arm with 2 small #6 screws.

cl_sk_top1.jpg (39321 bytes)

  • The hand and fingers are positioned to grip the mouth in the open position.
  • There is a small coil of wire at the end of each finger to secure the finger bones to the hand. Carefully unwind the coil with the needle-nose pliers and use the wire as a hook to keep the fingers in place while you hot glue and/or epoxy them to the jaw bone.

clear_sk_hand.jpg (34077 bytes)

This provides just enough light so people will not stumble in the darkness but not enough to wash out any of your other effects.