Four new styles have been added to this years display.

The first is "MEMENTO MORI",  which translates to "Remember Death"; the epitaph reads:

"Harken stranger

As you pass by

As you once were so was I

As I am now so you shall be

Prepare for Death and

Follow Me"

This was taken from a tombstone I saw in Sleepy Hallow, NY

I modified one of my first headstones, which previously had a skull and RIP carved into the surface.

The next is "The WEDGE" , the epitaph is simply the family name. The stone is not completely finished yet. I need to touch it up and give it a clear coat of gloss poly for a polished look.

This one is called "SLAYER", it's modeled after a Buffy The Vampire Slayer figure with a tombstone.

~Picture to be added shortly~

The last is a modification of my CROSS stone, "CROOKED GOTHIC CROSS". I added a ring around the center and an angled base to add to the look of an ancient graveyard. The base is separate and the orientation can be changed if desired.