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I found a couple of discarded lighted pumpkins that worked fine and was wondering what to do with them.  As is, they were of no real use... not my kind of "scary".  I decided to modify them to fit my needs.

re-pump-a.jpg (62994 bytes)

First remove the light socket from the bottom and put some duct tape over the existing cut-outs from the inside.

re-pump1.jpg (51926 bytes)

Then using expanding insulation foam in a can, apply a bit into each opening. Once the foam has set up (over night) carefully remove the tape.

re-pump.jpg (42942 bytes)

You can now shave off any foam that expanded above the surface of the pumpkin. I used a hacksaw blade and then  medium grit sandpaper to smooth it out. If there are any voids or air pockets you can use joint compound or spackle to fill them in. Once dry sand again with a  fine grit. 

  re-pump2.jpg (64057 bytes)

Use a bit of primer spray paint, then you can paint the entire pumpkin to your liking. I used Liquitex acrylic paints: a mixture of cadmium orange, cadmium red and a little bit of burnt sienna to match.

You now have a foam pumpkin to do with as you please. Since this one came with a light fixture I decided to carve a new jack-o-lantern picture.  I got the Oggie Boogie  pattern from www.zombiepumpkins.com. The Donny Darko pumpkin additionally has a blue fading LED circuit board in the right eye as in the movie.

  re-pump3.jpg (58904 bytes)    ressurrected_rear.JPG (38390 bytes)

You have now resurrected the pumpkin!

re-pump4.jpg (67426 bytes)          oogie_pumpkin.jpg (31976 bytes)

darko_pumkin-original.jpg (33847 bytes)    darko_pumkin-b.jpg (32832 bytes)

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